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Entrepreneurs! Tell the world how many jobs you have created at Startup Jobs Count

September 14th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Entrepreneurs

Startup“Entrepreneurs are the engine for economic growth and jobs creation,” Chris Shipley, the founder of the GuideWire Group, reports. “Now, it’s time to put some real numbers behind the conventional wisdom!” As a result she has created Startup Jobs Count.

Entrepreneurs! Speak up! It takes ages to get data from official reports. So getting back to the source of jobs creation, the entrepreneurs themselves, is Chris’s methodology. This is a crowdsourcing approach of sorts that is empowering entrepreneurs to speak up and brag about their ability to create jobs.

Spread the word: Last week, Chris broadcast her initiative via various social media channels, inviting entrepreneurs of any company in the US that is less than 5 years old and employs one or more people to stand up and be counted. The success of the initiative is predicated on people’s initiative to become known. So spread the message as much as you can!

Spread the word to startups of all kinds: We are in Silicon Valley, and we obsess with high tech. Make sure that you encourage all your friends, regardless of the company they are starting, to report their startup jobs counts.

Spread the word in your respective countries: The initiative started by Chris relates to jobs created in the US. So connect with her to start campaigning in your country. Entrepreneurship may be the most positive international virus – or to use a great phrase from my friend Sramana Mitra, it’s definitely the most efficient “weapon of mass reconstruction.”

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